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When you trust on federal way senior living with the care of your senior love, we attempt and guarantee to form a positive impact and place a smile on their face every single day. We see humans, but no humanity. This is the whole and sole reason to connect with Federal way senior care. Once any elder visits us for the very first time, they gets in touch with us for the lifetime. We offer a planning tool for getting organized so caregivers have more time and less worry. Whether you have got questions about styles of senior living facilities or need to go looking for senior care firms, we have the answers you want.


We at federal Way senior care look after seniors at the foremost crucial times of their life, they feel our place As their home. A home where Seniors get to measure their remaining life as if it’s their new birth at Federal way Senior Care. We are proud to provide a range of home care services to meet your loved one’s unique needs. From companionship, bathing, and hygiene assistance to in home infusions and medication management, our professional care staff is available 24/7 to help when you need it most. Our focus is on providing personalized senior living that evolves with residents and enhances their style and well-being. Our long-term goal is to build lasting relationships with our residents. In order to achieve this objective, we make sure each resident gets compassionate and dependable service, while maintaining their safety and privacy as well. We understand that you may not be able to keep up with the maintenance both your residence and the residence of your aging loved one. Your aging loved one wants home care to be in the comfort of their home, but a residence that is not maintained is not comforting. Caregivers can provide a number of different homemaking services that help to maintain the functionality and comfort of your loved one’s home.

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Federal Way Senior Care started getting a huge response from our Seniors. This was the greatest motivation for our team members and also the administrator, due to which we have maintained our quality services. We are the best in providing not only shelter but also all the facilities with homely touch that everybody here wants…!


Our Goal is simple: ”When it comes to care giving to seniors-Organizing today=A plan for tomorrow.” To help seniors stay at home for as long as they desire. How can we facilitate seniors reside home longer…? We tend to have it off by providing quality care with compassionate caregivers you’ll be able to trust. We tend to roll in the hay by connection forces with a number of the most effective home health and hospice agencies in the State. We tend to do it by providing continuous care if required. We’ve a passionate care team and that we understand the importance of being able to remain in your own residence or with family throughout your final stretch of the mortal journey. It’s a blessing to several seniors and that we deliver peace of mind to several members of the family.


Our mission is fairly simple: Everyone is vital, treat others in such a way you want to get treated. The safety and well-being of our clients is our number one priority.

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Federal Way Senior Care offers residents the best quality life. We are focused on providing safe, warm, caring, and nurturing environment to our residents that is much like their own home.


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